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Three Months After Forcibly Dragging A Nurse Who Refused To Draw Blood, Cop Learns His Fate

Photo Copyright © 2017 AP/Salt Lake City Police via New York Post

A controversial Utah police officer, who was caught on camera roughly handcuffing a nurse for refusing to draw blood, has been fired.

As the New York Post reports, Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown made the decision to terminate Detective Jeff Payne after an internal investigation found that the detective had violated department policies when he forcefully arrested a nurse named Alex Wubbels last summer.

The shocking ordeal began on July 26, when Payne was seen on body-cam screaming at Wubbels before dragging her out of the hospital where she worked.

According to reports, Wubbels had refused to draw a man’s blood without an official warrant, which Payne did not have at the time.

Instead of returning to the hospital with a warrant—which is the hospital’s policy—Payne threatened to arrest Wubbels if she did not draw the man’s blood immediately.

The body-cam footage showed that Payne had told Wubbels his supervisor had instructed him to arrest her if she did not do as she was told.

Because Wubbels had neither formal consent to draw blood from the patient, nor an official warrant from the police officer, she stood her ground to abide by hospital policy.

In a matter of moments, Payne could be seen on camera handcuffing Wubbels and dragging her through the hospital, as she screamed.

The man in the middle of the blood-drawing debate was not actually suspected of any kind of wrongdoing, as it turns out.

According to the New York Post, the man was an off-duty reserve Idaho police officer, who had been driving a semitrailer when he was hit by a man fleeing from authorities in a pickup truck.

Payne had told Wubbels that obtaining a sample of the man’s blood would protect him, but he still failed to produce a signed warrant.

Unsurprisingly, Wubbels was later released without charge, while Payne and the entire Salt Lake City police department were slammed after being caught using unnecessary force on an innocent nurse.

Although the department later apologized and changed their own policies following an investigation, prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the matter.

While the body-cam footage from the incident was released in August, it has just been announced that Brown recently decided to terminate Payne from the department for his actions over the summer.

Payne’s supervisor, Lt. James Tracy, has also been demoted back down to an officer in light of the incident.

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