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Mom Sees A Suspicious White Car Hours Before Her Daughter Vanishes Without A Trace. After 17 Years, Investigators May Finally Find The Missing Link In This Cold Case

Photo Copyright © 2017 Family Photo via CBS Boston

Molly Bish was just 16 years old when she disappeared from a pond in Massachusetts, where she had worked as a lifeguard, in 2000.

Three years later, Molly’s remains were finally discovered in the woods of Palmer, just five miles away from Comins Pond.

On the day that Molly reportedly went missing, she had only been working at the local pond as a lifeguard for seven days.

Molly’s mother, Magi, was finally called when it was discovered that there had not been a lifeguard on duty all day, even though Molly’s belongings were still at her station.

An extensive search of the area was immediately launched by police, and it was said to be the most expensive search for a missing person ever undertaken in Massachusetts.

Shortly after Molly went missing, Magi told investigators that she recalled seeing a man with a mustache sitting inside a white sedan in the parking lot when she dropped Molly off at her station the day before she vanished.

Although he looked a bit suspicious to Magi, she didn’t think much of the man until after Molly disappeared.

A couple of other witnesses also told police that they believed they saw the same man in the white car lurking around in the area at about the same time.

Despite a massive search conducted by investigators, police found neither Molly nor the mysterious white car.

Molly’s remains were finally discovered three years later after a hunter told police that he had seen what appeared to be a blue bathing suit in the woods.

17 years after Molly first went missing, her sister Heather is still working with a private investigator to find the teen’s killer.

Heather is confident that the white sedan is the missing link to finding the man who murdered her sister.

“My mom saw the car the day before she disappeared but we have information that the car was seen in the area by a couple of different people,” Heather said recently. “We’re led to believe it’s hidden somewhere. It’s in someone’s garage, or a barn, or buried.”

This week, authorities will be searching a now-closed campground after the private investigator received several tips saying a white car had been buried there.

“We truly believe that that car contains a lot of information about what happened to Molly that day, and will provide us the pieces we’re looking for to be able to identify this person,” Heather said. “So that’s why we’re sort of taking this long shot.”

Although the exact site of the campground has not been disclosed to the public, Heather believes her family is finally getting the break in the case they have been waiting for.

“We are very close,” Heather said. “We are very, very, very close.”

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