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In 1989, This Woman Disappeared After Attending A Wedding. Now, Nearly 28 Years Later, Investigators May Finally Know Where She Is

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It’s been nearly 28 years since Barbara Miller vanished after allegedly attending a friend’s wedding in 1989, but investigators may finally be able to give her family some answers.

According to The Daily Item, a forensics teams was reportedly sent in to help search a home believed to be related to the disappearance of the Sunbury woman.

Barbara Miller is believed to have disappeared on July 1, 1989 after attending a friend’s wedding, though some attendees told police that they didn’t remember her being there.

On the day in question, Miller was seen at a bar holding a wedding gift, presumably before she was supposed to head over to the wedding in Milton.

Police say Miller did attend the wedding and returned home in the early hours on July 2, but she was not reported missing for at least three more days.

On July 5, 1989, she was reported missing by ex-boyfriend Joseph Walter “Mike” Egan, a former Sunbury police detective.

Egan, who later served time behind bars on extortion charges, told police that he saw Miller get into a car with two unidentified males.

Shortly after Miller disappeared, Egan reportedly moved into her house and started driving her vehicle.

Egan soon told police that he had started receiving letters at Miller’s home in which she was threatened by a motorcycle gang and called a “narc.”

While Egan pushed the motorcycle gang theory, authorities actually had several domestic disputes between Miller and Egan on record that were extremely concerning for them.

According to The Daily Item, “the complaints ranged from on-going harassment and terroristic threats, accusing Egan watching her through binoculars and veiled threats in an attempt at reconciliation.”

About a year after Miller disappeared, police finally announced that they were investigating her case as a homicide.

Miller’s mother, Martha Stump, who died in November, told The Daily Item in 1990 that she never believed her daughter would have left town on her own volition without her son.

Unfortunately, the case then went cold for more than a decade before it was finally reopened in 2002.

Although police soon looked at several persons of interest, they still did not name any suspects in the case, nor were they able to make an arrest.

A Facebook page that was recently created specifically for finding information on Miller’s disappearance may have actually been what finally cracked the case.

In the last couple of weeks alone, authorities have conducted several helpful interviews before they finally searched a home this week.

According to The Daily Item, the home that police are currently searching once belonged to Cathy Reitenbach, Egan’s late sister.

Authorities are reportedly focusing their efforts on taking apart the basement, specifically concrete walls suspected to be added long after the home was built.

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