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Heather Mack Is Having A Blast In Prison With Her New Lover Nearly 3 Years After Viciously Murdering Her Mother In Cold Blood

Photo Copyright © 2017 via The Daily Mail

Nearly three years after murdering her socialite mother in an upscale hotel room in Bali, Heather Mack seems to be living the dream in a notorious Indonesian prison.

When Mack and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaeffer, killed her mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack, in August 2014, Wiese-Mack’s family thought they had gotten justice for their lost loved one.

Now they see that Mack is living a life of luxury behind bars, spending her days drinking and lounging around Kerobokan Prison with her lesbian lover, Rafael.

The 21-year-old murderer has been pictured numerous times smiling and holding hands with her girlfriend, leading her late mother’s family to believe she is “dancing on Sheila's grave,” according to Heather’s uncle William Wiese.

According to The Daily Mail, Mack rarely cared to see her daughter, Stella, who was taken away from her earlier this year.

Mack had insisted that Stella stay in the prison with her, but the baby girl was only allowed to live with her mother until she turned 2.

Judging by the way her life is described, family members say it doesn’t seem like Mack misses her daughter.

“I've seen many pictures and videos that Heather posts on social media showing the partying, drinking and going out to restaurants. I do not understand how this happens in prison. It's just crazy, it's like she's dancing on Sheila's grave, she doesn't show any remorse at all,” said Wiese, an attorney.

According to The Daily Mail, Mack and Schaeffer conspired to kill Sheila in 2014 because she was a millionaire—they just wanted her money.

Ever since the murder, Mack has shown very little remorse over what she did.

“It's very sad and we've been very frustrated by her. We would like to see her receive justice someday as I do not believe she has received any meaningful justice in Indonesia. At least Tommy has shown some remorse for the brutal murder of Sheila, and accepted some responsibility,” Wiese said.

Stella is currently being cared for by Oshar Putu Melody Suartama, a Balinese Australian, who befriended Mack during the trial a couple of years ago.

Her family back home fears that Mack is taking the monthly allowance given to Stella by her mother’s inheritance money to pay for drugs and alcohol behind bars.

Wiese, the executor of Sheila’s estate, has also revealed that Mack only requests to see Stella about twice a month, even though she is allowed to see her whenever she wants.

Ever since they learned of Mack’s pregnancy, both Wiese and Schaeffer’s parents have desperately tried to take Stella out of Indonesia, but they have been unsuccessful.

“We had been trying to get Stella out of prison for over a year since many psychologists and psychiatrists that we spoke with were very concerned about her growing up in a prison since the first few years of life are so critical for a baby's development, but Heather would not cooperate with us on that effort,” said Wiese.

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